The mystery behind Johnny Hollywood continues…

What they failed to mention is that all of this sushi is piled onto a mountain of rice. So not only was I required to eat all 50 super-sized, rice packed, seaweed wrapped rolls but I had to down that entire thing of rice. Well 17 minutes and 38 pieces of sushi later this was the result. The rice reacted with all of the liquor and beer in my stomach and expanded quicker than a kitten in a microwave. You’ll notice there’s a Coors Bucket beside me in the background, that’s what they brought for me to vomit in. I decided to retain what little defeated dignity I had left and puke in the bathroom instead(it wasn’t the first time that happened on Monday. After Jhuelian bought a round of Jager Bombs followed by Irish Car Bombs I managed to down 3 151 drinks before having to praise the porcelain god)

Looking back I probably shouldn’t have made an attempt at defeating Mt. Fuji with a near full stomach of alcohol, unfortunately had I not been that hammered there’s no way I would have wanted to try and eat 50 pieces of sushi in 30 minutes. And that dear friends is what we call a Catch-22.

I know this is late but I had to post a picture of me trying to tackle the Mt. Fuji challenge from Monday. In a true display of Kongliness, once the sushi eating challenge was shown to me there was no backing down. It consisted of eating 50 giant, spicy crab rolls in 30 minutes(without vomiting apparently). If you could finish within that time it was free, if not it cost $50. With help from my 2 coaches, Ian who was my time manager and Garrett who was there for moral support I boldly declared they bring me out this big sonofabitch. It’s worth mentioning that only 1 person, some fat-ass named Lynn Something-or-other, had ever completed the challenge. Also, Man Vs. Food is supposedly showing up to attempt it sometime later this Summer.

This was our amazing stripper Allie, she probably cleared $300 off of our group alone so she was kind enough to pose for a picture with us (unlike stripper Katie also known as Nikki)

So after leaving the Cheetah Club the gang parted ways for dinner. Jhulz, Clayzies and I ended up at a delicious beach bar type place and had this guy serving us drinks. When we mentioned we’d come from the Cheetah Club his eyes immediately lit up and he yelled, “Was the Asian chick with huge knockers there tonight?!” We told her unfortunately she was not but that the selection had been great nonetheless. It was then that he confessed that he had been kicked out a couple weeks ago for licking a stripper. After telling him that that was the equivalent of french kissing a urinal I had to grab a quick pic.

It’s 4 am, and we’re finally back in Dallas. I would post a picture, but everyone is far too tired to deal with that. -clayzies

fit in family time with the yellow man.

Never have i witnessed such efficiency when it comes to peeing in a bottle.

Text Message

Dude. I can’t believe you are texting so well. You should probably be dead. Jhuelian should definitely be dead. He probably is dead and you are both just too drunk to notice. - Mara

Yes it’s sideways. I’m drunk so you can turn your computer sideways and deal with it. This is one of our best good friends, and my personal hero, Kyle Looney taking his first drink of alcohol in 3 years. Being one of the manliest men I’ve ever met, he does so by taking a solid pull of some Wild Turkey. Kyle my friend, happy birthday dude. -Judman